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Create React forms from a simple JSON using Material UI, Mantine, React Bootstrap, AntDesign, RSuite (or just React)
And no, you don't have to write it, create it visually with the LetsForm Designer

$ npm i lets-form -D
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JSON form schema
Native UI componentsDefine React forms using simple and declarative JSON files or boilerplate-free DSL, rendered with native components of AntD, RSuite, Material UI, React-Bootstrap, Mantine or just vanilla React.
No strings attachedWire up params like defaultValues and onChange or onSubmit and it just works, how to use the data is up to you! It can send it somewhere if you want to.
There are no third-party servers involved!
Batteries includedAll the necessary features have already been implemented,including i18n localization, array support, validation, enable/disable fields, groups, steps, tabs, plaintext version of the form.There is no need to develop these features again.
Export to ReactExport the JSON Form Schema as working React code, standalone HTML or as an npm package to streamline your form development.
Dynamic formsCreate dynamic forms with the language you love: JavaScript. Hide, show, enable, disable or change any property of the fields with few line of JavaScript codes.
Form templatesLetsForm Designer comes with a variety of pre-built templates that can help you get started quickly or can be included in your existing forms.
React Hook FormBased on React Hook Form: small size and great performance, you don't have to worry about unnecessary re-renderings again.
Advanced toolsAdvanced tool available in LetsForm Designer:like projects management, automatic translations, GitHub and Npm integrations
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